Kent Building Developments Ltd combines experience and specialist knowledge to produce energy efficient domestic homes and commercial buildings. We have a long held commitment to producing energy efficient buildings using the best quality products, energy efficient measures and eco house designs in all of our projects. 
We design all of our conversions and builds to incorporate as many eco efficient features as possible, such as underfloor heating and air source heat pumps. 
A private commission in 2009 for a stylish, but low carbon Eco-friendly house was one of the first to be built in York. Energy efficient houses inevitably impact on design with increased glazing on south facing elevations with reduced window area on north facing walls. 
We combined modern house design with energy efficient benefits to a high level of insulation resulting in the requirement for very low levels of energy. The heat exchange system constantly supplying filtered air means the house is excellent for allergy sufferers. Solar panels provide heating for domestic hot water and insulation is provided by recycled newspaper insulation. 

For more information please contact Kent Building Developments or ring 01944 759 259  

Energy Efficient Passivhaus Homes 

Timber Frame of the Passivhaus  
Aerial Photo of the Passivhaus - almost complete 
Completed Passivhaus showing meadow garden 
PV Panels providing solar energy  
Derwent Road PassivHaus rear view 
Derwent Road PassivHaus front view 
Kitchen / Lounge area in York Eco House  
New KentBuild Green & Eco Logo