Kent Building Developments Ltd combines experience and specialist knowledge to produce energy efficient domestic homes and commercial buildings. We have a long held commitment to producing energy efficient buildings using the best quality products, energy efficient measures and eco house designs in all of our projects. 
November 2021  
The project we started in May 21 is almost complete. The house has many energy efficient features as well as a green roof. 
January 2020  
Two of the PassivHaus designs that we worked on in York were designed by one Architect, Phil Bixby of Constructive Individuals, there is more information on his website about how he designed them.  
June 2018 
Whether you want to build a low-energy, sustainable home or renovate your existing property to enhance its eco credentials, you’ll need expert advice to set you on the right track. 
The benefits of creating an eco-friendly and efficient home include lower fuel bills, a healthy living space and having a positive impact on the environment. But creating a sustainable home isn’t simply about introducing add-on renewable technology, it’s important to consider the fabric of your build as well. 
Sustainably sourced timber, blockwork, brick and pre-fabricated systems, which are made off-site in a factory are all viable options to consider. Dense materials such as brick and concrete offer high levels of thermal mass, so that during the day they absorb and store heat while at night the heat is slowly released, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.  
Kent Building Developments has the knowledge to help with Energy Efficient building - Contact us for more information. 
Excerpt taken from an article in the Grand Designs online magazine June 2018  
Nov 2021 - project in York  

For more information please contact Kent Building Developments or ring 01944 759 259  

Energy Efficient Passivhaus Homes 

Steve Kent receiving the award for Innovation in Project Delivery at the NFB Annual Awards Dinner. 
Award winning Eco Passivhaus in York  
Completed Passivhaus from the front 
The Passivhaus has solar panels on the roof  
Derwent Road PassivHaus rear view 
An early Eco House in York  
Two of our Passivhaus projects side by side  
New KentBuild Green & Eco Logo
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