4) Bifacial Solar Panels. While we are used to seeing solar panels on roofs, the latest concept of photo-voltaic devices is designed to be gathered from both sides. Bifacial solar panels are solar panels that absorb light from both sides. This means that as light travels in straight lines and may reflect off multiple surfaces on its journey to the ground, the top of a panel could absorb light as normal while the bottom could absorb light reflected from other nearby surfaces. This drastically increases the power output of the panel. 
This kind of design means that panels don’t need to be confined to your roof. Panels planted upright (similar to sections of fencing) allow light to be harvested from the whole area. Furthermore, if this design of panel were used for solar farms combined with a reflective floor, any light bypassing the upright face of the panel could be reflected and gathered by the underside, increasing the gathered energy by a high percentage 
Solar panels have come a long way and in a fairly short time and as technologists continue to innovate, there is plenty of life left in these staples of environmentally friendly energy sourcing. We predict that before long, the majority of new builds will be fitted with some form of solar energy system as standard and will not only be able to power the entire house, but will also have sufficient in reserve to pour energy back into the national grid or even to store in a battery. Energy reserve can also be used to power electric cars. 
Solar panels are no longer confined to the roof and are one of the best tools that we have in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and giving the homeowner more control over their energy use. Vertical solar panels can be installed on the gable end of a house without them looking too obvious. 
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